Your Extra Virgin Olive Oil
innovators by tradition sinze 1892

About us

Antonio Genovesi, owner of the farm, personally takes care of the olive groves. After having participated as a surveyor and topographer in the construction of the largest infrastructures built in the last twenty years in our country, he abandoned his career to devote himself completely to the renovation of the family olive groves.

In recent years, he has dedicated himself to his professional training by acquiring a second degree in "services for agriculture and rural development" and an ITS diploma "Higher Technician Responsible for agricultural, agri-food and agro-industrial production and transformations with specialization in the olive-oil sector (Evologo)". He is also registered in the “regional lists of expert technicians in olive oils” and in the “regional lists of certified pruners” of the Olive Pruning School.

He constantly participates in meetings and training courses on olive growing, oil quality and agronomic practices.

Where we came from

Our farm has been active in the olive sector since 1892 and is accredited in the "National Register of Italian Historic Companies" of UnionCamere

Where are we going

  • Production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (follow us also on Facebook)
Our goal is to bring to your tables a high-quality product with the experience of traditions updated with the innovations of the present and the future and support services with a high degree of professionalism with highly qualified personnel. We try to pursue it by putting our history and knowledge at your disposal.
Traditions and study want to be our hallmark. Therefore, we have decided to integrate a Museum of Oil and Olives Tree of Ernici Mountains into the Company's Historical Headquarters.
The Museum is the place where material and intangible testimonies of humanity and its environment are housed and made available to society, acquires them, preserves them, communicates them, and above all, exhibits them for the purposes of study, education, and delight.
Our museum holds on permanent display, an oil mill from 1952 and other artefacts belonging to Ciociara olive and agricultural culture, as well as a small open agricultural library, freely available, with texts ranging from the early 1900s to the present day. For this it will be the seat of all communication and dissemination activities.
  • Cultural and Training Activities ( follow us also on Facebook)
In order to preserve and disseminate the local agricultural culture but above all to train and inform those who want to approach this world in the studies and developments of agricultural techniques, we organize, in collaboration with expert technicians, dedicated and targeted dissemination activities, such as courses for management of the soil, horticulture, pruning of fruit trees, pruning of olive trees, conscious purchase and consumption of quality agri-food products and approaches to taste agricultural products.

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Our history

The farm has its roots in history. The Genovesi family has been involved in agriculture for over four generations. Recent studies in the family archive have confirmed that ...see more 

The village, the territory, and the olive groves

The recently adopted name Boville Ernica (Bauco until 1907) refers to the ancient past of the first Volsca then Roman city of Bovillae and the belonging to the territory inhabited by the Ernici, an ancient Lazio population. 11th-12th century. The village was fortified with an imposing wall including...see more