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The Antonio Genovesi Agricultural Company collaborates only and exclusively with qualified technical personnel, with agronomists and technicians who deal specifically with arboriculture, with certified pruners coming from the studies of the Olive Pruning School and with other farms, which guarantee high standards of professionalism and professional ethics.


Francesco Coccia - Agricultural technician

A land registry service for trees, aimed at various types of communities

Renato Pavia - Agricultural technician

Former technical research assistant at CREA-FRU Research Center for Fruit Growing, Rome from 1968 to 2011.
Specialized in cultivation techniques, pruning, multiplication and defense of fruit, olive and ornamental plants, expert in native fruit genetic resources.
Author of 28 technical-scientific and popular publications.
He collaborates with various public and private bodies in Italy and abroad including ARSIAL Lazio Region, Azienda Romana Mercati, (CCIAA), University of Tuscia (VT), where he holds courses and seminars on cultivation, pruning and multiplication of fruit trees.

Complete CV downloadable from QRCode.

Dott. Giuseppe De Marco - Agronomist 

Dott.ssa Valentina Viti - Nutritionist biologist
Dr. Valentina Viti is a nutritionist biologist expert in clinical nutrition (metabolic and oncological pathologies) and in phytotherapy and medicinal plants. He practices his profession in the provinces of Frosinone and Rome.