Your Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Our history

The farm has its roots in history. The Genovesi family has been involved in agriculture for over four generations. Recent studies in the family archive have confirmed that since the mid-nineteenth century it produced olive oil, wine, wheat and raised livestock, also granting them, as was the custom until the sixties of the last century in relief, sharecropping and colony, to farmers of the area. 

The current Antonio Genovesi farm was reborn in Boville Ernica in 2021 with the aim of recovering the olive groves and the historic family oil mill, to produce high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The olive groves are spread over an area of about four hectares just outside the village of Boville Ernica and are currently undergoing conversion to organic. The olive oil mill, on the other hand, is in the historic center of the town and has recently been the subject of a conservative restoration. It houses the historical museum of oil and olive trees and can be used as a venue for training courses in the agricultural field and for tastings.

Already active in 1892, the company has been registered since 2022 in the "National Register of Italian Historic Companies" of UnionCamere.